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Magnetic Fingers Trick

This trick appears to be like hypnotism. Is your patter good enough to convince them ?

Clasped hands and two fingers being magnetically attracted together.

Ask your friend if you could try a little "instant hypnosis" on them.

Assure them that it's safe and nothing harmful can or will happen.



Next, ask your friend to fold their hands together, weaving the fingers and clasping them tightly.

After a few moments of doing this, tell them to raise their two index (first) fingers so they are sticking up and they should be about an inch apart ("church and steeple" kind of thing). Now, slowly move your hands over their hands (don't touch their hands) and say, "Your fingers will touch. Try to fight it, but they will still touch!"

Slowly, but inevitably, your friends fingers will start to move together. Tell them to concentrate on their fingers (just use some patter to create some atmosphere.) and soon their fingers will touch.

Ask spectator to put their hands together and link fingers. Point fingers upwards and they will be drawn magnetically together.
Spectator closes hands together. Spectators fingers are irresistibly drawn together

Here Is An Easy Mind Reading Trick