Easy Magic Tricks

The solutions to many easy magic tricks and secrets of illusions and sleight of hand are explained in easy lessons.

Find the answers and secrets to many a good magic trick. Easy card sleight of hand and for sleights for beginners are explained in a clear and fun to learn style.

The web pages here can teach the beginner magician easy magic and conjuring performances, fast with the help of many photos to teach you the secrets of illusion and videos that make learning magic simple and fun.

Should you wish to learn the art of forcing a card learn the basics of easy and advanced coin handling or to try your hand at learning to be a street magician, you will get a lot of help, tips and magic hints here.

Help yourself to the many free secrets revealed in these pages that make conjuring fun easy to learn. Whether you are looking for help in becoming a beginner card magician or simply want to learn cool coin sleights and stunts. The user friendly manner of these easy lessons will make learning card production and handling or levitation secrets a lot easier to pick up and soon have you performing amazing and convincing conjuring and magical performances. If you're beginning to study magician secrets and are keen to take some easy lessons in magic and illusions, the best lesson and advice that you can be given is that there is no substitute for practice.

The books and magic videos listed here can prove valuable learning and reference aids in helping your magic performance and are highly recommended for your collection of reference books and videos. The knowledge, answers and secrets of magicians that they reveal should pay you back many times over.

You can learn all the basics of easy card handling and sleights by viewing the Daryl's Card Sleights Video which is highly recommended viewing and is an excellent way to learn card sleights by watching close up videos of professional hands performing the magic sleights, shuffles and misdirection accompanied by a very clear and easy to follow explanation.

You can view and teach yourself many lessons in elastic and rubber band magic in the Elastic Magic Book which is a very useful reference book with many illustrations to have around.


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