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Hula Hoop Magic Card Trick

A spectator freely selects a random card from the deck. The card is memorised and the spectator then given complete freedom to place the card back anywhere in the deck.

After a little hocus pocus and some fancy moves, the magician reveals the chosen card in an unusual fashion.


Performance :- The deck of cards is openly shown to be completely normal. The cards are spread out face down and the spectator is asked to freely choose any card that they wish. The value of the card is kept hidden from the magician. The card is then reinserted back into the pack.

The magician then chatters on about how they will use some hula hoop magic to find the card. The deck of cards are then spun around the magicians torso and then spread out in front of the spectator. the deck is again spread apart and one rogue card is upturned which just happens to be the spectators choice.


Watch the performance and learn the cool secret shown in the magic instruction video above.

Tips: This card conjuring trick can have an amazing effect on your audience as they seemingly had complete control of the position of the card. This street magic type trick can be enhanced a lot by some entertaining chat by the magician about hula hoops or other chit chat. This can also act as mis direction distracting your audiences attention while you do your card sleight of hand.