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Rattle Snake Match Trick Challenge

A baffling challenge, where your spectator is asked to keep a close watch on one of two match boxes. They appear to choose wrongly every time ???

The rattle snake match trick challenge gets a good reaction as your audience has a free choice of a seemingly very easy decision.

Two match boxes are clearly shown as one being full of safety matches and the other box completely empty.

How easy a choice can you get as the two boxes are slowly moved around the table. Easy you think ?

Many things are never as easy as they seem.

Learn how to do this cool match challenge trick by watching the free magic trick video tutorial on this page. It shows the trick being performed which is followed by the method to perform the trick.

This cool challenge works well as a bar or restaurant trick where the materials needed are normally easy to find.

Don't be surprised if you start to get a reputation as a sneaky snake by your friends if they discover the secret to the trick. No problem, just ignore the boos and hisses and slither off to perform some more tricks.

If you enjoy magic tricks such as those performed by magicians, then this website will give you a very small slice of magic instruction to get you started with the basics. Magic is both great to watch and can also make a fun and interesting hobby