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Make Your Own DIY Card Tricks

Some card tricks that require certain gimmicks to make them easier to perform or to make an impossible task actually doable

This page should furnish you with the know how of how to perform three straight forward magic tricks and then teach you how to adapt your materials into useful props that will take the hard work or professional sleight know how out of the equation.

You will learn how to do a very visual playing card color changing routine, followed by a vanishing box routine, where the entire box, holding the deck together appears to completely vanish.

Finally, you are treated to an demonstration and explanation of a balancing stunt, where a glass is made to balance on the edge of an upright playing card. This looks to be either a feat of incredible precision or some magical trickery ( my bet is on the second option ).

So get your DIY head on, look out the easily available tools that the instructions ask for and model yourself a clever magic routine that you can use to impress your friends.

The following video gives a clear demonstration and explanation of each performance as well as showing how to assemble the required gimmicks.

You will find a lot of other tricks with playing cards by clicking the link below here.

They vary from beginner to advanced level so there should hopefully be something for everyone here.

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