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Best Playing Cards For Magic

One of the most commonly asked questions among both beginners and professionals alike is "What are ether best playing cards for practicing and performing magic tricks ?

There is an incredible amount of choice of decks available to close up card magicians both in magic shops and online. No matter which design you go for there are a few worthy tips to follow when choosing probably one of the most used tools in your illusionist's tool box.

It is false economy to buy the really cheap decks. You will find that the handling is generally poor and that they do not have the strength spring and durability of the better quality decks.


Bicycle Playing Cards

Probably the most popular and widely used playing card by all levels of magic practitioners is the Bicycle Brand Playing Cards.

These cards are a good quality air cushioned design and handle very well. They are affordable and reportedly very durable, retaining their spring and strength well beyond the usable life span of cheaper decks.

They are also surprisingly affordable and represent good value considering their performance and durability.

Bicycle Brand Cards are manufactured by The United States Playing Card Company who make a large percentage of the good quality designs on the market today. Many of these decks are made to a similar specification and quality to the Bicycle ones with an air cushion finish but there may be a premium payable for the different designs.


Bee Card Deck

Another popular choice of premium brands are The Bee Decks.

They are also a pleasure to work with but it should be noted that they are of a borderless which may work for or against you, depending on the type of trick being performed i.e. lack of a border making it more difficult to spot a marked card.


Theory 11 Playing Cards

You can also find a good selection of high quality and unique designs at Theory 11's web site

There are some great looking decks here but you do pay a small premium for the privilege of owning these great looking items.

As well as regular decks, there are a great variety of gimmicked decks available from magic stores and online such as the invisible deck or the Svengali deck. These decks do serve a useful purpose and can assist you to perform some great visual and entertaining routines. A certain amount of sleight of hand is still required with these items.

However good the handling of your deck of cards is., there is nothing quite as important as you the magician's mastery of handling the deck, which leads back to the old saying, the more you practice, the better your performance should be.

How about a mind boggling card illusion ?