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Coin Transformer Nickel To Quarter Trick

The Effect:
You throw a nickel into your hand a couple of times and then close your hand around it. When you open your hand, it has turned into a quarter!

The Method:


Place the quarter into your right hand fingers (known as the finger palm position, see illustration on the left showing your fingers slightly curled ) and then hold the nickel between your right index finger and thumb of the same hand.

Only the nickel should be visible to the spectator.

Coin held in finger palm position.  

Throw the nickel into your left palm a couple of times and pick it back up again.

This time, pretend to throw it again, but instead retain it and drop the quarter into your left palm instead. Immediately close your left hand around the quarter.

Conceal the nickel in your right hand and as you slowly open your left hand, ditch the nickel into one of your pockets. The spectator will see that the coin in your left hand has turned into a quarter!

Feel free to try this trick with other different coins.

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