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Hot Shot - Blaine Style Card Jump Technique

A card is made to jump out from the deck into your other waiting hand and jump back. This card sleight is awesome, when mastered.

You Will Need :

A deck of playing cards.
A nice bit of patter.

How To Do the Trick :

This card sleight can be used as a trick on its own or used to boost the visual impact of another trick. Just ensure that the card that you wish to "jump" is at the top of the pack ( use your favourite card force to ensure this).

card deck is shuffled at beginning of card jump sleight routine.

The deck is shuffled while being held, bottom long side of the deck, resting against the fleshy part of the thumb. ie biddle grip.



Spectator chooses card, card is forced to top of the deck.

The spectator is asked to choose a card and return it to the pack. ( This card should be forced to the top of the pack, using your favourite force. )



Deck is held pointing towards spectator. Thumb on oneside, first finger at top of deck.

Hold the deck as seen in the photo. The deck should be held lengthwise between you and the spectator, thumb supporting one lengthwise side and your middle, ring and small finger supporting the other lengthwise side. Your first finger should be touching the short side of the deck, nearest the spectator.


Apply pressure to both sides of pack by squeezing gently. First finger is slipped under top card.

Create some misdirection by bringing your free hand over the deck and appear to be squaring it up. Use this cover to slide your first finger under the top card. At the same time, apply pressure to both long sides of the top card by using your middle finger to push the card against the base of your thumb, causing the card to arch like a bridge



Top card should be pushed forward and deck tilted downwards to hide finger.

The top card should be pushed slightly further forwards towards the spectator so as to cover more of your first finger. The deck should also be tilted slightly downwards to hide the fact that your forefinger is under the card.



Top card should be pushed forward and deck tilted downwards to hide finger.

Straighten your first finger quickly. This will release the sprung top card which should jump into the air into your awaiting other hand.



First finger should be flicked , causing top card to jump into the air.

The card can be made to jump back to join the deck in your other hand by repeating the spring move with one card ( much easier) . Press long sides of card with thumb and middle finger. Curl first finger underneath card and straighten first finger when you wish the card to jump