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Name Your Card ( With A Twist )


Learn a very clever variation on the Name Your Card trick.

An entertaining twist on the standard method of performing this cool trick.


Probably one of the most well known and most widely used routines in magic is the trick where the magician reveals your chosen card.

This entertaining method goes a step beyond and allows you to name the spectator's card.

And by naming we mean, give it an actual name. In this example, their card will be called Bob.

You will find this very entertaining routine, easy to do and has great comedy value. It is an excellent ice breaker and a good way to make friends.

Be sure to watch all of the magic tutorial video below as it contains some very useful tips to improve your performance, entertainment value and card handling.

Another cool example of how a really memorable and fun routine can be performed by an upbeat and well thought out routine.

A little set up is requited which is explained in the video, below. Have fun.



Card Production Sleight Of Hand