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Crazy Mans Handcuffs

Effect: Two rubber bands separate from each other mysteriously. This is a baffling and quite visible penetration.

Secret: Place one rubber band around the left thumb and forefinger. Your fingers should make a C formation. Causing the rubber band to be tight between your fingers. Point these fingers toward your audience. (This hand is set and does nothing else).

Drape the other rubber band over your first finger on the right hand and lower it behind the other rubber band. Slip your right thumb into the bottom of the draped rubber band. The back of your right hand should be facing your audience. This is the locked position. From here it should look like that there is no way possible that the rubber bands can separate. Stretch the rubber bands showing that they are behind each other.

If you do this a few times people begin to get lazy and not notice the dirty work; Stretch the rubber bands back towards your wrist. The middle finger of the right hand slips through the bottom part of the rubber band and your thumb releases it.

This should be hidden by the back of your right hand. The audience has seen you make the same motions twice already so they don't expect anything. Your thumb comes up and places itself next to your right forefinger, sliding in behind around the rubber band. Bring your hands back together and the rubber band slips off your middle finger as you separate your forefinger and thumb.
Wave your hands magically and separate the rubber bands.

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