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3 Easy Card Tricks To Do For Free

You don't need to be a superstar magician to pull off some interesting and entertaining card tricks.

This page shows you how to do 3 easy card tricks for free. They are explained in as clear a manner as possible to enable you to do some great card magic in as soon as possible

Doing card tricks in front of both friends ands strangers is a great way to break the ice, improve your confidence and and promote character building .

This is by far the most popular category of magic chosen by beginners as well as professional magician and there are literally thousands of simple but cool performances that you can do with a humble deck of cards. More and more are being created each day by some very inventive minds.

Don't be afraid to let your audience now that you are far from being a professional cardician but will do your best

This should drum up some support and empathy for you as well as give your spectators some reasonable expectations.

O. K, without further hesitation, lets get going with three easy to do card tricks to launch you into this fun pastime. Heck, if you enjoy it, why not go on to make a career out of it ?

The Magnetic Card Trick

This is an easy to do but amazing looking effect where you hold your hand over some playing cards. This illusion requires an easy to make gimmick, which the photo instructions below will show you how.

Make your gimmick by cutting a flap in the center of a playing card as shown here.

First you need to make a special gimmicked card. Carefully cut a flap in the center of a playing card as shown in the photo.

Kids should get an adult to do this.


Glue a complete card of the same design underneath your pre cut card as shown here.

Next, you will need a complete card of the same design as the already prepared one.

This should be stuck with some paper glue or double sided sticky tape to the already prepared card.

You should now have two cards stuck together that look like one card.

You should now have the two cards stuck together that look like one card.

Make sure that the previously cut out flap is not stuck down.


Card is placed on table and secretly make sure flap is held between two fingers.

After presenting the card to your audience, the card is then placed on the table and covered with your hand.

Secretly push up the flap and hold it between two of your fingers.


You now slide some more cards under your hand.

You can now slide some more cards under your hand.

Make sure that you slide them between the gimmicked card and your fingers.

Hand is raised in the air and cards appear to be magnetized.

You now raise your hand into the air and the cards appear to be magnetically attracted to your hand,

What is really happening is that they are held in place by your fingers and the gimmicked card.

View from above showing cards stuck to hand. View from above where the audience see the cards appearing to be stuck to your hand.

This is a very good easy to do card trick which looks really cool to your audience. The gimmicked card is very portable and so is easy to carry around when you are asked to do an impromptu magic stunt.

All The Aces - Card Cut Trick

An easy card cut trick where the spectator cuts deck into several piles, only to find that the aces have magically risen to the top of each pile.

Four aces shown that were on top of each pile of cards in this fantastic magic trick.

Method: To begin the trick, you, the magician, ask your spectator to divide the deck into four equal piles by dropping cards off the bottom of the deck.
Keep your eye on the pile that contains the four aces.
 It may be either on the left side or on the right side.

Next, ask your spectator to pick up a non-ace pile and hold it in their hand.

 Ask them to take 3 cards from the top of the pile and place them on the bottom. Next, ask them to take another 3 cards from the top of the pile and place them one on each on the top of each of the other pile.

Now, ask your spectator to repeat the same procedure for next two non-ace piles.

Finally you ask them to carry out the same procedure for the pile that contains the aces. Now invite them to turn over the top card from each pile.

Amazingly, the top cards should be the four aces !!!.

Magic Spelling Card Trick

Secret sequence of playing cards to enable every card in the deck to be located by spelling the name of the card. Amazing and convincing powerful free magic for use by card magicians.

This first sequence of cards will allow you to conjure up the card of your choice from any suit in the deck. In the example below, the spades have been set up in order for the magic spell trick to be performed with success. (You could use any of the other suits set up in the same sequence).

cards in order to spell

Set the cards in the above order so that the queen of spades is on the top of the pile when you hold them face down for dealing. You then spell A-C-E , placing one card underneath the pile for each letter of the card except for the last letter which is turned up to reveal the card you spelt.

Should you wish to successfully spell the whole deck of playing cards, then the pack should be set up in the following order.

Magician secret card dealing order to enable cards to be used for spell card trick.

Card magician can now deal and spell every card in the pile.

Free card secret to allow powerful magic tricks.

Playing cards ready in order for the card magician do a magic trick with cards.

You then spell A-C-E out loud, putting the A and C underneath the deck. You then turn the next ( E ) card face up to reveal the ace. You then continue on in this way until you have spelt the whole deck.

*** Bonus Trick ***

Math Calculator Card Trick

This is an easy self working trick where you get the audience to secretly think of a card.

Calculator switched on.

Method: Ask a person to choose a card, tell him to remember it's numerical value (Ace = one, Jack- = 11, Queen = 12, King = 13)   Also to remember the suit of the card.

Tell them to double the value of the card.

Then tell them to add three to the total.

Then tell them to multiply the complete total by five.

Next, ask them to concentrate on the suit.

If the card is a diamond they must add one.

If the card is a club they must add two.

If the card is a heart they must add three.

If the card is a spade they must add four.

They must then tell you the final total.

From this total, you immediately know the chosen card.

The Secret: Is to mentally subtract 15 from the given total. You will have a number of two figures,  possibly three.

The last figure gives you the suit (diamonds 1, clubs 2, hearts 3, spades 4.) while the first figure gives you the suit.

Example: Jack of clubs

11 doubled is 22, add 3 = 5, multiply by 5 = 125. add 2 for clubs = 127. You are told that number.

Subtract 15 mentally. Result 112. Last figure (2) means clubs, first figure(11) means Jack.

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