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Welcome: is designed as an aid newcomers wishing to learn about the exciting world of magic. You will find lots of easy magic tricks to learn at your own speed.

Enjoy the site and good luck when you start practicing your magic tricks.

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3 Easy Magic Tricks For Beginners

Starting out doing magic tricks should be fun and enjoyable. The last thing you need is over complicated instructions or lots of boring text.

This page shows you how to do three easy magic tricks made easy for free in a fun and easily explained manner that should be ideal for beginner magicians.

Doing magic tricks in front of people is a great way to improve your confidence and promote character building .

People enjoying themselves, ready to be entertained by a trick.

Don't be afraid to tell your friends or audience that you are new to the hobby and hopefully they should be a lot more lenient and understanding with you. After all your doing it for their entertainment. not as a chore for them.

It is much better to do a simple magic trick, well, than to make a mess off one that is more demanding.

An easy routine, performed with a smile and a little enthusiasm will work wonders for you and as your friends now know that you are beginning on your magic journey should be very supportive and understanding.

With all that said, lets get started with three easy magic tricks to start you on your way.

The Elbow Coin Vanish

Make a coin disappear through your skin

The elbow coin vanish coin trick is one of the oldest popular coin tricks around. It is still a great trick to learn as it can be performed competently with just a little practice. The magic instruction video below shows the coin trick being performed which is followed by an explanation of the simple but clever secret.

Take a little time to perfect the sleight of hand required when appearing to transfer the coin from hand to hand and you will have another great easy magic trick to add to your collection.

Slap A Card Trick

You guess your friends secretly chosen card by slapping all the cards out of their hand, until only the chosen card is left.

How To Do The Trick

Image showing a fanned out pack of playing cards.
The deck of playing cards are fanned out in front of your spectator and they are given a free choice of card to pick and memorize.
Pack of cards is split in two and held open for spectator to place back their secret card. Note the pinky break on the top right of the photo.

The cards are then squared up and then held open for the spectator to place their card back in the pack as shown in this photo.

Obtain a pinky break on top of bottom pile when inviting the person to place back their card.

They will unknowingly, place their card on top of your fingertip.

Obtain pinky break so that spectator's card will rest on top of your pinky.

Next, put the top pile back on top of bottom pile. Two packs are easy to separate due to pinky break.

Break not visible to spectator due to viewing angle.

Take the top pile and place it on table. Now take the bottom pile that's still in your hand and place it on top of the other pile.

This looks like you cut the deck to lose their card.

Deck of cards is shown held firmly between first and second curled fingers.

Their chosen card is now on bottom of the pack.

Now ask your spectator to curl their first and second finger and hold deck firmly between these two fingers.

The magician now announces that they will will use the enchanted deck spell to find the card.

The magician now slaps the deck with a swift downward movement a few times until only one card remains in the spectator's hand.

Now, slap the deck in a quick downward motion a few times until only one card remains sandwiched between the spectator's fingers.

This card is turned over and is their chosen card to their amazement.

Make sure that the spectator has a firm grip on the pack when holding it with their curled fingers. Don't forget to ask for some help with the clean up as the slapped cards can end up all over the place.

Magnetic Fingers Trick

Ask your friend if you could try a little "instant hypnosis" on them.

Assure them that it's safe and nothing harmful can or will happen

Next, ask your friend to fold their hands together, weaving the fingers and clasping them tightly.

After a few moments of doing this, tell them to raise their two index (first) fingers so they are sticking up and they should be about an inch apart ("church and steeple" kind of thing).Now, slowly move your hands over their hands (don't touch their hands) and say, "Your fingers will touch. Try to fight it, but they will still touch!"

Slowly, but inevitably, your friends fingers will start to move together. Tell them to concentrate on their fingers (just use some patter to create some atmosphere.) and soon their fingers will touch.

Ask spectator to put their hands together and link fingers. Point fingers upwards and they will be drawn magnetically together.
Spectator closes hands together. Spectators fingers are irresistibly drawn together

So there you have it. 3 easy tricks to get you started in the field of magic. Practice these three tricks until you can do them smoothly and confidently. Hopefully this will inspire you to further your interest and skills in magic and to become a competent magician. You will find a lot of help and explanations to many magic tricks and sleights within this web site, so happy browsing.

The trick category menu on the top left hand side of this page will link you to various other tricks to learn.. They range from street magic to levitation and even bar tricks. Choose whichever category you wish to start learning about.


Magic Tips For Beginner Magicians :

  1. Start out with a simple trick to practice and build your confidence.

  2. Don't try to rush when practicing. This is one hobby where patience is rewarded.

  3. Perform in front of family and friends first. This should be less nerve wracking

  4. Don't try to learn too many tricks at once. Maybe one coin and one card trick to start ?

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