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All Man Floating Levitation Magic Trick

Effect: A magician sits down in a chair and puts a sheet over him. Suddenly, he rises one foot in the air. Shoes, everything floats up off the ground. The audience is dumbfounded.

Cockroach and spider complimenting a levitation trick.

Method: The secret to this is very devious and requires lots of practice to perfect it.

What is vital is that the sheet is not see through.

Before the start of the trick, make sure that your shoes are on your feet loosely, but that the looseness is not obvious to the audience.

Once you stand over the chair, throw the sheet over you and the chair.

When ready to sit down, slip off your shoes and place your feet behind your shoes so that the shoes are protruding from the sheet. Now comes the tricky part. OK, think about this. When you want to pick up your pair of shoes and make them float up at the same time, you hold them with your foot at the double line formed above the laces when the shoes are placed together.

Use your big toe and your second toe of your right foot and hold your shoes with these toes. Put your weaker hand over the left leg so that that hand and arm " blends " in with the left leg. While doing this, put your stronger hand (the right one in this case ) behind your back so that it rests on the seat of the chair .

Pushing on the seat with this hand should cause you to rise a little. The foot, which is holding the shoes should rise and hence the shoes will also rise. The left foot is on the ground also helping you push up. This foot is hidden from the view of the audience by the shoes and the sheet.

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