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Simple But Amazing Card Reveal Trick

Easy to learn card trick where you do an amazing card reveal

Take this opportunity to learn another simple but amazing card sleight trick. You, the magician, announce that you can find any card in the deck by cutting straight to it. You announce the card that you are going to reveal then cut straight to it.

So, tell me more !!


Effect: The magician announces that he can cut straight to any chosen card in the deck

He mentions a card to be revealed. The pack is then thoroughly shuffled and then proceeds to easily cut straight to the previously mentioned card to the audience's amazement.

This close up trick is simple in concept but looks absolutely amazing. Everything is done cleanly right in front of the spectator and there does not appear to be any tomfoolery or secret moves going on.

The real convincer here is that the audience can see that the pack is being thoroughly shuffled right in front of them and that the pack appears to be in a totally random order. The fact that the pack has been shuffled in a slightly casual and haphazard manner adds to the effect that this is a totally impromptu trick.

The beauty of this trick is in its simplicity by using an easy card control technique which is shown in the video explanation below.

The finish in the video where the card is revealed with a fancy card cut control takes a little practice but you can reveal the card with a straight cut or any method that you find easier to do.


The video below shows you how to do a card control cut with a fancy flick finish to reveal the bottom card in the pack if you wish to learn this move. This sleight is explained by 52 Kards Youtube channel who is one of the better Youtube magic trick video producers.

Hot Shot Card Cut Tutorial



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