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Amazing Vulcan Mind Read Trick

A famous twentieth-century magic inventor and author once said that if you know 100 ways to find a card and only one way to reveal it. Your audience will think you only know one card trick. But if you only know one way to find a card and 100 ways to reveal it, it looks as if you know 100 card tricks.

Magic Category: Card Magic Trick with Stunning Revelation

Equipment Needed: Deck of cards.

Take a full deck of cards and shuffle them. Fan the cards on the table face down and ask an audience member to select a card from the fan.

Dancing Storm Trooper

Method: The Amazing Vulcan Mind Trick is another great revelation or way of revealing the identity of a chosen card.

An example of an easy card prediction trick are shown below and how to perform this "mind meld" type finish are also explained.

Take a full deck of cards and shuffle them. Fan the cards on the table face down and ask an audience member to select a card from the fan.


Tell them to remember what card it is while you gather up the remaining cards and shuffle them some more. Now, with the deck of cards face down, cut the cards or lift half of the deck so that your audience member can place their card face down in the center of the deck.

You will need to remember which card is on the bottom of the cut because that will be the card directly on top of the chosen card.

Shuffle the cards some more, taking care to stay away from the center cut. Or you can ask your participant to cut the cards a couple of times – or both a cut and a shuffle, it’s up to you how to present the trick.

To conclude this easy magic card reveal trick, simply fan the cards face up on the table and find the card in the deck that is directly after the one that you memorized from the bottom of the cut, and that will be the card. You can also flip the cards one by one until you come to it, or put your own swing on the trick to make it more fun and believable.

Card Revelation: This is the way that a magician announces, reveals or displays the chosen cards identity. The workings of a trick can be really easy but the real impact comes from the finale of the trick, the performance that you use to build an atmosphere of mystery and excitement by promoting your spock like powers.

To perform the Vulcan Mind Trick finish, practice your acting skills and continue as follows :- Place your fingertips on the volunteer’s temples and act as if you can catch a glimpse of their card by reading their thoughts. Tell them that human thoughts resonate at certain frequencies and vibrations and that they can be picked up by your fingertips with a little practice.

Reveal their card after a little struggle and battling with yourself between the choice of a few cards before narrowing the choice down to your audiences chosen card to make the finish of the card reveal, more interesting.


As mentioned before, the Vulcan mind meld trick is just one of almost unlimited possible themes that you could use for the card reveal at the end of the trick. Use your imagination and I am sure you can think of some entertaining routines such as a star trek theme..

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Don't forget to practice the angle that this cool pub trick is performed at in relation to your audiences view. This is where some practice in front of a mirror to perfect your angles, comes in really useful


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