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Anti Gravity Card Levitation Trick

Amazing free card levitating stunt. Performed right in front of your spectator. Looks very convincing.

Effect: A seemingly random playing card is chosen from the deck and shown to the spectator. The card is then placed flat onto the magician's palm where, after a subtle magic wave of his other hand, the card is seen to visibly rise up from his hand. This looks absolutely amazing as there seems to be no explanation as to why the card appears to be floating on thin air.

The performance and anti gravity magic secret method of this astounding free floating visual treat are revealed and explained in the following card magician video. Make sure and read the magic tips at the bottom of this page to help you perform this crowd favorite trick to maximum effect.

You Need: A deck of cards, glue or clear adhesive tape, clear flexible plastic strip, scissors.

How It's Done: Prepare your gimmicked cards as follows. Secure plastic strip to back of card as shown in video.

Clear flexible plastic can sometimes be found as part of the packaging of new shirts, used to support the collar. Otherwise there are many other sources of packaging where it should be able to be obtained.

The reason for trimming it so that it extends out from each end of the card is so that the thumb base and fingers can easily grip it. This makes the trick a whole lot easier.

Pressing lightly on each end of the strip will cause it to arch and raise the playing card.

Tips: Practice this trick in front of a mirror to perfect your angles so that the plastic strip is hidden from the spectator as the card is rising.

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