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Any Card Any Place In The Pack Trick

Amazing mind reading stunt. This will blow their socks off !!

Effect: A member of your audience is asked to think of a card, not touching it or removing it from the deck as you slowly spread out the deck of cards face up facing them. After a short while, ask them if they have chosen a card. If yes, ask them to memorize it. The pack is then put back together and given a couple of cuts.

Reminding the audience member that you have no idea what the chosen card is, you then fan the deck out in front of them and ask them if they see their card. This is all the info you need to put the deck back together and turn up each card, one by one until miraculously revealing their card

This is a very powerful effect as there is no touching of the card by the spectator and their card remains in the deck at all times, unlike other card guessing routines which require the removal of the card.

The beauty of this trick is that it can be done in an informal and almost amateur manner. This can be further reinforced by keeping fancy cuts and shuffles to a minimum to keep the focus on the fact that this is a mind reading trick.

Thr trick is demonstrated to great effect by Spidey the magician in the video tutorial below here. You will learn what to do in every possible outcome and how to cleverly narrow the options down to your spectator's chosen card.


This beauty of this any card any place trick is great value for the reaction that you get from the audience, compared to the time and effort invested by you to perfect the trick.

The fact that the trick seems to be completely random as they had a free choice of card, strengthens the wow factor. You could even use your imagination and adapt the technique into many of the other card tricks in your repertoire.

The sleights and shuffles taught in this site will give you even more scope to improve your tricks as your skills develop.

You will find many other, easy to do and exciting card tricks on the card magic section of this magic trick learning resource.

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