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Best Card Trick In The World Explained

Very clever card trick with an unexpected twist at the end.

Take an opportunity to learn "the best card trick in the world" as popularized by Youtube. Its a great trick which can be learnt easily enough after practicing a relatively easy card sleight. This page aims to show the trick in action and demonstrate the tutorial in a little over 3 minutes. After which you will will be furnished with all the knowledge you need to know to allow you to perform this crowd pleaser trick to the amazement of your audience.

So, tell me more !!

magician demonstrating card flourish in his hand.

Effect: Spectator has free choice of a card from fanned out deck. Card is memorized and placed back in middle of deck by the spectator.

You do magic wave with your hand over the deck.

The deck is then spread out face down to reveal that one card back has changed color from red to blue.

This card is turned over and revealed to be the spectator's card

The trick is then repeated to reveal a very surprising finish ??


This close up trick is very visual and although relatively straight forward to perform usually gets an amazing reaction from your audience

The magic tutorial video below, shows the trick being performed and then you will see explained, one of the greatest magic tricks available.

Performance And Tutorial

The trick uses a couple of moves such as the double lift. Tutorials for these sleights and shuffles are readily available by searching on Google

The only materials required are two decks of cards which each have different colored backs. The video performance above shows a red and blue deck being used.

As with most tricks, practice in front of a mirror until you feel that you can perform it smoothly in front of an audience or your friends. But most of all, enjoy.


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