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Matching Sisters Card Trick

Effect: The two black queens find the two red queens by being put into the deck where the spectator freely wants to place them.

The Trick: Start by putting one red queen on top of the face down deck and the other red queen at the bottom both face down.

Red queens find the black queens card trick.

Next, give the two black queens to a spectator. Start dealing cards off the top of the deck, laying them in a face down pile on the table, until the spectator tells you to stop.


Have the spectator put the first black queen, face up, onto the pile on the table (these are the cards you have just counted face down)

Then drop the remainder of the deck in your hand face down onto the black queen (so the only card facing up is the black queen)

Next, repeat the process above, having the spectator put in the other black queen, face up, and drop the remainder of the deck on top of the other black queen, again face down. Have the spectator cut the deck, and complete the cut.

Now announce that without any help from you the spectator was able to find the black queens matching sisters. Simply go to the face up black queens, take them out, and the cards immediately above each will of course be the red queens.

NOTES: You can very easily put the two red queens in place while you find the black ones right under their noses. As long as you don't make a big deal out of it no one will suspect a thing.