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Perfect Ten Magic Card Trick

The spectator freely cuts and shuffles the deck. However, no card can hide from you !! Magic tutorial video on this page, lets you learn this cool street magic card trick. This magician card trick is a real reputation maker.

magician demonstrating card flourish in his hand.

The spectator is given complete control of the pack of cards and is allowed to cut and shuffle.

They can cut and shuffle as much as they like before handing over the deck.

This gives The Perfect Ten an even more powerful effect.

Learn this amazing snap change sleight where you change a card in the blink of an eye, right in front of your spectator. Visually amazing trick

Performance: Your spectator is handed the pack of cards to shuffle and cut as much as they like.

The deck is then handed back to you, the magician.

You proceed to further mix the deck by dealing cards from the top to the bottom of the deck.

Three cards are then dealt face up on the table. Depending on the value of the face up cards, more cards are dealt face up on each pile to make up the value of each pile add up to ten.

* Please note that Jacks, Queens, Kings should all be given a value of 10 when counting values of cards in the three piles. Aces should be given a value of 1. *


You, the card magician, can now make a stunning prediction of the card hidden in the remainder of the deck thats position matches the total of the three face up cards.

Watch the performance and learn the cool secret shown in the magic instruction video above.

If you enjoy tricks which rely on mathematical principles and tricks which involve spelling as part of the act, one of the best magicians to research for this type of magic is Woody Aragon who is a very talented and entertaining magician.

This trick, although nearly self working, can be a real reputation maker and is worth spending some time pacticing until you can perform it smoothly. You will also find some other great self working tricks on this site as well which are equally deserving of your time..

Tips: This card conjuring trick can have an amazing effect on your audience as they seemingly had complete control of the order of the cards. This street magic type trick can be enhanced a lot by some entertaining chat by the magician.

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