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Chronological Card Trick - Time Mystery

Here's an easy to do chronological time themed mystery trick that allows you to find your spectator's card after stating some true facts about days, dates and time of year.


Before you start the trick, place a joker on the bottom of the deck. That's all you need to do.


Ask your spectator to select a card and replace it back on top of the deck. Now have them cut the deck in half, 3 or 4 times. Make sure that they do complete cuts i.e. replace, the bottom half of the deck, back on top of the top half of the deck each time. What happens is that the cutting doesn't’ really mix up the cards. Their card will be next to (on the right) of the joker if you were to spread out the cards face up.

Say to your audience, " did you know that a pack of cards is very similar to our calendar ? " (Spread through the cards face up towards yourself so that no one can see the faces, and then cut the cards in half, which will bring the joker to the top of the deck. This also automatically brings their card second to the top.)


Add the joker and we have 365, the same number of days in a year.

Time related magic trick image.Spread the cards out again in your hands, this time showing a few of the faces, and say... "We have four seasons in the year, just like four suits in a deck of cards.

In fact if you add up all the numbers of every card in the deck, with the ace being one, then two, three, four etc and the jack 11, queen 12, king, 13, the total will be 364.

Interesting fact, isn't’t it?"



Turn the cards over so that they are face down. (The selected card should be second from the top.)

" But hold on, we’re just getting started..."

" There are 52 weeks in a year just like there are 52 cards in a deck."

In one pile, Count five cards out loud, face down into one pile on the table and count another two cards face down for another pile. Take the two card group and place it on top of the five card group and put all this pile on top of the deck.

" There are 12 months in a year. " This time count 12 cards on the table. Pick that group up and place it on top of the deck.

" There are 7 days in a week." Count seven cards on the table. Put those cards on top the deck.

" What is your card ? " Turn over the top card and amaze your audience because the selected card is now on top!

This is a mathematical based routine and works every time as long as you count correctly. The story that you unravel about the calendar, numbers and cards are actually true, so your audience will learn a fascinating fact as well as be amazed!

Tips :

1. When your spectator cuts the cards, make sure that the cuts are complete single cuts. In other words, they can’t cut the cards into a bunch of little piles and then pile them all back together because the deck then would really be messed up.

2. You don't have to use a Joker. You can use any card that's on the bottom as your "key card." Its just that the Joker is easier to remember.

3. It’s important that no one sees that you cut the selected card to the top. It should appear that you are just casually mixing the cards as you go into your story.

Hope you enjoy this trick.