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Cigarette To Dollar Bill Trick

You amaze your audience with a seemingly impossible feat where a cigarette appears to change into a dollar bill.


Effect: A borrowed cigarette is dipped into a glass of beer.

After the beer is shaken off, the cigarette has disappeared and has been replaced with a dollar bill.

This trick is suited to a bar where the items required should be readily available.

Preparation :

1. To prepare for the trick empty the tobacco out of a cigarette by rolling it around in your hand and letting the tobacco fall out, taking care not to damage the cigarette paper. Or, you could purchase empty tobacco tubes from a tobacconist shop. Take a dollar bill ( or most standard sized money bills should work ) and roll it up tightly. Push the dollar bill inside of the empty cigarette tube. Now keep this trick cigarette hidden in your pocket.

2. To start the trick, borrow a cigarette from someone, preferably the same brand as your dummy cigarette.

3. Take the borrowed cigarette and then put your hand in your pocket to fetch your lighter. During this move, exchange the borrowed cigarette for the dummy cigarette already in your pocket.

4. You could then say something like "Before I light this, I would like to show you something magical !!..." Quickly give the cigarette a good dip in a glass of beer. Place the wet cigarette in your palms and rub your hands together rapidly. The cigarette paper should disintegrate, leaving just dollar bill, to the amazement of your spectators.

Tip: This trick works best with cigarettes without a filter tip. Try borrowing a cigarette from a friend that you know smokes non filter cigarettes. If you are presented with a cigarette with a filter tip, secretly break of the filter tip when your hand reaches in your pocket.

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