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Coffee To Coins David Blaine Style Trick

David changed a cupful of coffee to a cup of coins on his show

Set up: Get one of those coffee machine dispensed cups made of waxed paper and preferably with a pattern on the outside. Remove the bottom of the cup about an inch up from the bottom with a modelling knife or scissors and then place the cup back together by gently sliding the top half of the cup into the base using a slight twisting action if needed. Stack the cup three quarters full with coins.

Pack the coins in tightly and then pour in a little cold coffee, enough to cover the coins completely.

Coffee works best because it's so dark and will hide the coins. The cup should now look like a normal cup of coffee and is now ready to present to an audience.

Performance: Comment on how the patterns on the side of the cup are magic symbols.

Holding the top half of the cup with one hand, gently push up the bottom half of the cup with a slight screwing action with your other hand, then shake the cup.

As the coins “unsettle” the coffee will spill between the cracks and the coins appear.

This trick can be done with any cup of the waxed paper type that are usually found in vending machines. Be careful not to use hot coffee. Take care when using the modelling knife as it is sharp, even better, if your a kid, get an adult to cut it for you

Cut cup into two pieces Join the cup together
 Fig 1: Cut cup in to two Fig 2: Screw back together
Fill the cup with coins Cover coins with cold coffee
Fig 3: Pack tightly with coins. Fig 4: Pour in coffee
Gently screw and push up the base of the cup
Fig 5: Gently push up base Fig 6: Show cup with coins