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Coin To Shoe Trick Sole Magic

Effect : Borrow a coin from a spectator and mention that sometimes, coins end up in places where they don't belong. After the coin is signed and inspected, you put it into your left hand, telling the spectator to watch closely to make sure it doesn’t escape. 

Coin to shoe magic trick image.

Preparation :

Prior to the performance, cut a small hole in your right pocket, large enough for a quarter to slide through.

Also, clip a pen to the inside of pocket to use as your "magic wand."

Performance :

1. Borrow a quarter and have the spectator sign it.
2. Perform the French Drop or another coin vanish technique so the coin ends up in your right hand while the spectators think you placed into your left.
3. As your reach for your pen, drop the coin into the pocket, letting it fall through the hole and into your shoe. You need to experiment with what types of pants and shoes to wear to allow the coin to fall in the shoe every time.
4. Tap your left hand with the pen, and slowly open it, to show that the coin has disappeared.
5. Slowly, take your foot out of your shoe, revealing the signed coin inside.

Tips : Make sure that the spectator signs both sides of the coin. This way, when the coin is revealed inside the shoe, you don’t have to flip it over to show the signature. The less you touch the coin, the better the trick will be. If you want to use a coin vanish instead of the French Drop, you are welcome to. This will enhance the trick and bring a visual edge to it.



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