Now You See It Now You Don't


A coin is seen to vanish from your hand, in a flash.

The Effect:
You place a coin into your left hand and then close it into a fist. When you open it, the coin has vanished!

The Method:
This magic coin trick trick is very simple and powerful, but requires a gimmick as explained below.

Drill a small hole in one edge of a coin and tie the end of some elastic to it. Tie the other end of the elastic to a safety pin and attach the pin to your clothing inside your right sleeve, just under your armpit. The elastic should be the correct length, so that it shoots up your arm when you release it with your hand.

Hold the coin between your right index finger and thumb, so that your fingers conceal the hole and elastic. Place the coin into your left palm and begin closing your left hand whilst your right fingers still hold it.

Just as your left hand closes enough to block the coin from the spectators view, release it with your right fingers so that it shoots up your sleeve.

The rest of this very effective coin trick is all down to your presentation. Say a few magic words and slowly open your left hand to show that the coin has disappeared!



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