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Cool As Ice Magic Trick

This instant ice trick is so easy, you may think its not convincing. Don't believe it, it works a treat.

What you are about to perform looks really amazing to your spectators. An "empty" paper cup is shown, some water is then poured into the cup. You tell your audience that you will use your magic powers to turn the water to ice. The cup is then turned upside down and some ice cubes fall out


This trick is best done at a party where the props are available.

The Secret: You need a cup or glass that you can't see through. You also need a small sponge and an ice cube.



To perfom this magic trick you need a paper cup, some ice, a glass of water and a small piece of sponge.

Here are the props need to perform this cool party trick.

You need a non transparent cup. I find that paper cups are good for this trick.

You will also need a small piece of sponge and a couple of ice cubes.

Sponge and ice cubes are already inside cup as water is poured into the cup.

Place the sponge and ice cubes in the cup before calling over your audience. Have glass of water ready and explain that you will attempt to turn the water into ice.

You then slowly pour some water into the cup.

Cup is tipped up and only ice cubes come out.

Now, when the cup is tipped up, the water appears to have turned to ice as all that falls out are the ice cubes as the sponge has absorbed the water.

You can now throw the paper cup in a garbage bin so that the spectators don't have a chance to examine it and discover the sponge inside.

This trick is reasonably easy, when you know the secret. It is a good party trick. Just remember to watch your angles so that your spectators don't see the sponge in the cup. You can casually put the cup in the garbage, if you can right after performing then trick to avoid anyone looking inside it and seeing the sponge. Throwing it away will seem natural if it is a disposable paper cup.