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Cool Magic Tricks With Numbers

Two easy tricks with numbers for beginner magicians to try

Educated Guess

You Will Need

A sheet of blank paper, folded into thirds
3 pencils
3 friends


1. Tear the sheet of paper neatly along the folds so that you have three sheets of equal size. The smaller sheets may seem identical, but the centre sheet will actually be frayed on two of its sides, while the end sheets are frayed only on one side. No one will notice this, but you will see it is an important difference, which will help you succeed with this trick!
2. Hand the centre sheet and a pencil to someone in your audience. Ask them to write down any number and then to fold the sheet into thirds. Tell the participant to concentrate on their number.

3. Hand the remaining sheets and pencils to two other audience members. Ask them to write down numbers and to fold the sheets of paper into thirds.

4. Then collect the papers and scramble them.

5. Pull out the first volunteer’s sheet. You’ll know it’s theirs because it’s the only sheet with two ragged edges. Hold up the sheet and ask the volunteer if it is their number, and they will be amazed that you picked the right one!

Extra Digits

Tell your friends that you have eleven fingers, and that you can prove it!

1. Using your left index finger, point to each finger of your right hand, counting "One, two, three, four, five".

2. With your right index finger, count the fingers on your left hand, "Six, seven, eight, nine, ten".

3. Say "Funny, I'm sure I had eleven. Let me count them again."

4. This time, count backwards, pointing to the fingers of your left hand, say "Ten, nine, eight, seven, six...". Then stop, hold up the right hand and say "Plus five equals eleven! I told you I had eleven fingers."



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