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Criss Angel Walk On Water Illusion

A Cool illusion performed by street magician Criss Angel
Very visual and amusing levitating trick.

What’s the secret of the Criss Angel walks on water magic trick? How does he do it? The secret most likely points to illusion and camera video editing. The most convincing explanation to the trick is that Criss Angel was walking on some kind of floating device, or plexiglass, or perspex platform, or transparent plastic bridge, or glass path, or vertical poles, which may have had some gaps for swimmers to occasionally swim across it.

Some also suggested that a wire support was been used to suspend him, which may have been positioned under his arm, especially for the first 25 seconds or so. For all these tricks and optical illusions to happen, perhaps all the ‘audience’ and ’swimmers’ in the video are actually actors that were in on the magic and were hired to add a realistic and believable feel to the trick. The video may be have been edited by using CGI to hide the thick platform in the water.

Some even suggested that the shots were taken at different times and then edited together to give you the impression that the walk was videod all at the same time. The theory is that because at some times there appeared to be no weight hitting the surface, while on the far away shots, his weight is visible as he hits the surface.

Another theory is that the toes on his back foot bend as walking on a flat surface, while on another sequence of the video which was supposedly filmed from Criss Angel’s camera as he looks down while walking, his toes no longer bend. This magic theory suggests that during normal angles of video shooting, Criss was walking on plexiglass under the water surface, but then for the video angles above him and filmed from Criss’s point-of-view angles, then these clips were done when he was hanging above the water.

Some interesting points highlighted from the video on the magic are:

1. Criss Angel walked on his heels and his pants hung down and covered the heels.
2. His walking style looks unreal and unnatural on the first part of the walk..
3. The girl in red bikini swam underneath the water instead of crossing the path.
4. Water line on his pants changed, making you believe that the magic sequence was shot at different times.
5. A girl crossed between his legs after he took off his shoes, so that area may have had a gap in the platform.
6. In some shots, Criss Angel didn’t show weight hitting or weight shifting when his foot touched the surface, which makes the theory that he was suspended possible.
7. His feet did not seem to stay in a fixed position when he was stepping.

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