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Cut The Cards ! - Magic Tutorial

A Pack Of cards Disappears Right In Front Of Your Eyes.

Effect: A full pack of playing cards are seen spread out on the table. They are scooped up by the magician, in full view of the audience and in an instant they are seen to have disappeared leaving only four picture cards ??? This is amazingly powerful, close up magic and annoyingly easy, once you know the secret.

Close up card magic never seems to fail to entertain. The beauty of this little number is that it is surprisingly easy to do.

There is some set up required with some simple preparation to make a card gimmick, but once this has been made, it can be used over and over again, baffling your friends each time you perform this very visual vanishing routine..



This clever feat of optical trickery is demonstrated in the magic tutorial video above here.

The video also shows you how to construct the simple gimmick.

Then that's it! What are you waiting for? Get out there and fool them and make a name for yourself in this entertaining and rewarding field of magic.


You Will Need :

Old pack of cards

Paper glue stick


Preparation :

Making the three card gimmicks will require cutting the end of at least 12 cards. You can easily use an old deck or a practice deck that you may have lying around . Cut both ends of the cards as shown in the video and glue the ends in layers on the back of the three picture cards. This will give the effect of each gimmicked card looking like a spread out number of cards.

Don,t forget to add a little patter and be artistic with your handling of the gimmicks before showing them as only four cards. This adds entertainment value to the presentation as in all tricks. The presentation and fun is as important as the technical complexity of the trick. Have fun.

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