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David Blaine Harrison Ford Card Trick

A stunning magic performance where David Blaine gets a freaky response from Harrison Ford

The video below shows the clip from the Television special where David Blaine performed a cool card trick for Harrison Ford in Harrison's own home. The Star Wars star seemed so amazed by the trick that it caused him to say a beep word.

The card trick itself is very impressive as you will see in the video. There is a tutorial video, further down this page which explains how to do a variation of this exceptional trick and a possible explanation of the workings of David's version. There again it might have been all magic ???

The card in orange or lemon trick is one of the classic card tricks in magic. There are a few different variations of the trick of which one is shown in the elightening magic tutorial video below. There is a little set up required but the reaction that you usually get from your audience makes it worth a little effort.


In David Blaine's version, Indiana Jones star Harrison Ford was allowed a to pick any piece of fruit so perhaps all the reachable fruits in the bowl had previously been prepared with the same card.

Also Harrison Ford's choice of the nine of hearts was totally random but there are certain cards in a pack that are chosen far more often than others by your audience when asked to think of a card.

One of the most popular choices of cards is the nine of hearts, other popular cards being the ace of spades, queen of hearts and six of clubs.

This perhaps left an element of chance in guessing the correct card, but as the guess turned out right, the pay off was well worth it. The spread of the deck at the beginning of the performance may have shown the nine of hearts slightly more prominently than the other cards, perhaps prompting the card choice. This card could then have been discretely removed from the deck.

Heck, perhaps David really is magic personified, maybe even was a jedi knight in a previous life. One thing is sure whatever the explanation, this is great entertainment and is there to be enjoyed.

Harrison's new movie Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny is being released in cinemas this month and just goes to show that age is no barrier to this talented actor.


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