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The Magic Indicator Card

This is a relatively simple trick to perform with an easy set up but the reaction that you get from your audience makes it an incredibly rewarding experience

You Will Need:
An ordinary deck of playing cards ( Set up cards beforehand by taking out all 8's and 9's and placing any other card in between each 8 or 9 and then placing these set up cards back face down on top of the deck . This will leave the top 16 cards set up with each odd card being either an 8 or 9.)

1.Present the fanned out cards to your audience, showing them that the pack is thoroughly mixed. ( they will not see that the 8's and 9's have been positioned. )

2. Hold out face down deck to your spectator and ask them to cut the pack anywhere in the top third of the deck and to memorize the card that they have cut to.

3. Secretly count down eight cards in the remainder of the deck that you are still holding and lift up the pile of eight cards cards casually, asking the spectator to place their memorized card back in the deck. Once they have placed their card on top of the pack in your hand, place the lifted off eight cards back on top of their card. ( You now know that their card is 9 cards down in the deck )

4. This prepared portion of cards is then handed back to the spectator for safe keeping and assures them that you wont be manipulating the pack order.

5. The other portion of the deck ( the one set up with the 8's and 9's, order ) is then handed to a spectator two. This spectator is then asked to count off some cards from the top of the deck and stop at their totally free choice. Count in your head the number of cards that they are dealing off the pack.

6. You know that every odd card is either an 8 or 9 so if the spectator stops on an odd card when turned over it will either be an 8 or 9.

If an 8 is turned over ask spectator one to count down 8 cards in their pile then tell them to "turn over the next card" This will be their chosen card (9th card in the pack )

If a 9 is turned over, ask spectator one to turn over 9 cards in their pile which again will be their chosen card (9th card in the pack .)

If spectator two deals off and stops on an even number of cards, get them to turn over the next card in the pile which will be either an 8 or 9 and proceed as above.

This is a classic example of manipulation of your audience's choice to suit the order of the deck. It is greatly enhanced by some entertaining patter and presentation by the magician which is demonstrated very well by David Blaine on the magic tutorial video on this page using the theme of the indicator card to distract his audience. Have a look at the video for some performance tips and I'm sure that you will get a great deal of entertainment performing the trick with your friends.

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