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Blaine Self Tying Shoe Lace Trick

David performed an excellent self tying shoe lace trick on TV.
Watch a similar version the trick being set up and performed.

David Blaine showed a very impressive trick on a television special. A shoe with an untied shoelace is given a quick shake by his foot and the shoelace miraculously appears to tie itself.

This is an example of a clever, well thought out street magic routine.

Its also a good example of a well performed trick that looks natural and was paced just right.

A video tutorial of how to perform a similar version of the trick is shown below.


To perform this cool street magic style prank you will need :

  • Some thread
  • A shoelace ( shoelace should be same color and style as the sneakers that you are wearing when showing this stunt)
  • Wear a pair of sneakers ( the larger floppy laces that these have are best for this type of routine. )


How its done :

  1. Carefully cut some thread the same length as your leg ( from ankle to waist )
  2. Tie one end of the thread to the center of the shoelace.
  3. Push the free end of the thread up the inside of your trouser leg until it comes up to your waist.
  4. Fasten trousers and make sure that you are able to hold the free end of the thread that is at your waist level.
  5. Adjust the thread so that the lace at the other end of the thread are hanging out the bottom of your trouser leg.
  6. The actual lace for the sneaker should be tied as normal and then tucked gently under the tongue of the shoe.
  7. Now show the shoe and untied lace to your spectators and give your foot a shake while at the same time, pulling on the thread at waist level so that the untied lace disappears up your inside trouser leg.
  8. The tied lace under the shoe tongue should shake loose and replace the untied gimmick lace.
  9. Ta-ra !!! your shoelace appears to have tied itself.


So you can see that this very convincing street magic trick has a simple explanation. This trick again reinforces the importance of a magician adding entertainment value to his performance by using some entertaining chat. This helps to build up some some suspense and mystery to the trick.

David Blaine is not only a very good accomplished magician but is also able to add a real realm of mystery to his tricks. This ability can elevate even a simple trick into a very entertaining performance.

You can find lots of other cool street magic tricks to learn on the main Street Magic Tricks page on this web site.

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