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Double Deal - Kudos Card Trick

Effect: Your adoring spectator's are asked to choose three cards of the same value i.e. aces jacks e.t.c ( this is a genuine free choice ). The deck is them split into piles, the spectator is then asked to place each of their cards on one of three piles ( only one card per pile ).

The piles are then bundled together and the cards are now hopelessly lost in the deck

The cards are dealt into two piles ( one face up, one face down ) and the spectator is asked to shout out when they see any one of their cards. Their cards do not appear in the face up pile. This dealing action is repeated again and again until only three face down cards remain in the magician's hand. Surprise !! they are the spectator's chosen three cards.


Preparation: For this trick you'll need just a deck of cards. The workings of the trick are explained, very clearly by Oscar Owen in the video. The trick is self working as long as you pay attention to and follow the face up, face down, dealing order that is shown in the tutorial.

This card stunt is easy to memorize and while it may not propel you to demi god like status, it can certainly get a crowds attention and give you a chance to flaunt your persona. Have fun.

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