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One Of The Easiest Card Tricks

Amazing card find trick using a method known as the key card

Effect: The spectator is asked to shuffle a deck and then cut the deck. They then take their chosen card and memorize it without showing you, the magician. The card is then placed back in the deck, lost in the deck with a few more cuts and then the card is found by the magician in a spectacular fashion.

This trick just goes to show that a a very entertaining and impressive performance can be achieved with very little actual card sleight skill and the real value is added by letting your personality shine and delivering a memorable spectatcle with perhaps some use of humor and comic timing.

The performance and tutorial are demonstrated in the video below here, where the Russian Genius talks you through the performance and method.

You Need: A deck of cards and some amusing patter

How It's Done: The video above shows you the exact method and routine. The principle of using a key card is also explained and this method can be used in a great variety of other card magic and is a great addition to your useful moves to memorize.

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Here you will find a lot of good close up magic card tricks that are suitable for table magicians and birthday party magicians to incorporate into their act.

This Melting Card Trick Miracle Will Leave People Wondering !