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How To Float And Spin A Card

Ridiculously easy way to make a card appear to fly and spin in the air at your command

This trick is a very convincing effect and is surprisingly easy to perform.

The magic instruction video below here shows the performance of this super visual  magic trick and then follows with a how to explanation of how to prepare and do the trick.

Method: The solution and preparation  are shown in the video above. This really is a visually stunning card trick but is relatively easy to do and gets a great reaction from your observers.

The trick is shown above, using black thread. Try to find a thin reel of thread or even better you can use some invisible thread that can be purchased from most magic shops ( or even make your own ). Google is your friend here.

It is important to make sure that the thread is attached to the thread as close as possible to the center of the playing card to ensure that it spins smoothly.

The other end of the thread should be attached to your body i.e. perhaps wrapped around a shirt button or pinned to your upper clothing by the use of a small safety pin

The thread can be manipulated by hooking it between your thumb and first finger of your hand to form a pivot. Moving your hand away from your body will make the card rise and moving the hand back towards your body will make it lower.

To move the card left and right can be done with small movements of your body ( keep the body movements small and slow so as not to draw attention to what your doing.

A little practice and experimenting will soon have you spinning like a pro.