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Straw Through Straw Penetration


Check out this uncanny illusion where two drinking straws are twisted around and around each other in a tangled mess. The magician is then seen to hold the ends of each straw and with a gentle pull. The two straws slip through each other and pull apart.


The presentation of this brilliantly thought out stunt, followed by the annoyingly easy secret are revealed in the magic tutorial video on this page.

This is a super impressive penetration illusion that you can do to impress your friends. It can be used as an ice breaker in a restaurant or pub as these places usually have plenty of straws in stock.


Go on and earn yourself another exciting magic trick to add to your collection. This one is really rewarding, watching the look of surprise on your auidience's face.

You shouild be able to find lots of other cool close up tricks on this site wto help you to perform easy tricks with everyday objects. These tricks are usually reasonably quick to learn and are good fun to try out on your friends during nights out or dinner dates.

A look through the site should reward you with another straw trick which always baffles your audience and harnesses the power of static electricity.

A visit to the Levitation chapter of the site will reward you with the explanation of The Levitating Orange trick which is another excellent trick to try out in a restaurant.

You may wish to have a quick peek at the Impossible Spoon and Fork Balance which appears to probably defy the laws of physics.