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Find The Joker - Special Move Tutorial


This is an impressive find the joker trick, using an easy to do but very clever card sleight known as the glide. The spectator is asked to predict the position of the joker in a pack of cards and amazingly, predicts the correct position every time.

Performance :- Your spectator is asked to predict the position of the joker in the deck of cards that you hold out face down in front of them. They tell you their prediction and that number of cards are dealt from the bottom of the deck and the joker is found to be the card positioned at the spectator's predicted position, every time.

Method :- This card trick depends on a basic card sleight known as the Glide, which involves sliding back the bottom card in the deck slightly, out of view of the spectator.

The magic trick instruction video above, shows the trick being performed and also how to perform the Glide card sleight.