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Hand Sandwich Card Trick Tutorial

A quick tutorial to demonstrate the amazing hand sandwich card trick as popularised by David Blaine on one of his television specials.

Effect : The spectator "freely" chooses a card from the pack. They then press their chosen card tightly between their hands. The magician waves another card over the spectators closed hands and the two cards miraculously change places ???

Like David Blaine you can improvise your patter to add some atmosphere and excitement to the trick.


Method : The trick makes clever use of a technique called the double lift which is used two times during the trick, to very good effect

It is one of the most useful and frequently used sleights used in magic tricks and is well worth devoting some practice time to, until you can do the move as smoothly as possible.

Check out Disturb Reality's performance and tutorial for the trick in the video below. He tends to have quite a few good quality magic trick tuition videos on Youtube which are worth a look.



As mentioned in the video, you can personalise the trick to your own style if you wish, by varying the way that you perform the double lift or by the choice of the three cards that you use. Most of all, the trick is a lot of fun to perform. Wait till you see the reactions on your audiences face as they try to figure it out.

This One Is Real Easy For You To Try