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Super Card Warp Magic Trick

Amazing free super card warp trick revealed where a card is folded together with a money bill and undergoes a seemingly impossible transformation right in front of the spectators eyes. This is visually baffling close up magic.

Card wrapped in money bill in an impossible looking position.

Effect: A playing card is folded in half and then placed inside the fold of the money bill. The card inside the bill is shown to have performed an impossible transformation with both the face side and the card backing, being visible on each side.

A little practice will be rewarded many times over.

This freak out effect as well as the secret of how to do a card warp trick is explained in the video.

This trick regularly gets a real puzzled look from your audience because common sense suggests that what you see looks totally crazy, with the card behaving in an odd twisty origami like fashion. Try the trick out on your friends.


Can be performed almost anywhere at a moments notice.

Good ice breaker for a street magic performance.

The little preparation that is needed to perform this magic is time well spent as this trick can look really baffling to your audience

For another cool and puzzling trick to mystify your audience why not give the Magic In A Glass Trick a try ?

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