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How To Shoot Playing Cards

The secret to make card after card shoot out from the deck

Effect : You hold your hand out in front of you, holding a normal deck of playing cards. Next you are seen to have cards shooting out from the deck and spinning in mid air. Heck, as you get better at it, you should even be able to control the flight path of the cards with more and more precision.

How To Do The Move: The method is relatively simple but as when learning any new sleight, the more you practice, the better you will become at it.

Lets go through the moves step by step and there is a tutorial video, further down the page for you to browse over.

Deck of playing cards held in mechanics grip reday to perform a magic  trick.

Begin the move by holding the deck in mechanic's grip, thumb on one side, first finger at the top, three fingers on the other side.

Playing cards held in hand in improvised mechanics grip ready to do some sleight of hand.

Next, move your first finger from the top of the deck to the side, as shown above.

Pulling a playing card off the top of the deck to facilitate a sleight.

Next, use your middle finger to pull and slide the top card over to the side of the pack at an upward angle as shown in the photo.

Pushing up playing card with finger to create spring tension.

Now swap middle finger so that it is now under the top card and the first finger is on top, holding it down.

Continue to push up on the underside of the card with your middle finger to create some spring tension.

Playing card springs out from the pack and flies across the room.

When the tension gets too much, the card will spring free and fly across the room ( perhaps after a few practice runs ).

There is a more detailed explanation and demonstration in the video below here by 52 Kards



So thats it, partner, hopefully you have enough info and after a little bit of rehearsal you'll be ready to get out there and earn yourself the reputation of being the fastest card slinger in the west.

Top Tip !

As you feel the card snap free from the deck, try and lunge your wrist slightly forward. This slight throwing action should hopefully aid in increasing the flight distance.

You will find lots of handling techniques within the main website. perhaps one that may be of interest is the spinning card which can be viewed by clicking on this text link. It requires a little concentration and balance but the professional touch that it adds to your performances is excellent and you should find that any practice you have needed was time well spent.


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