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Jokers To Aces

This magic effect is one of the most simple that I have seen but the reaction that you get from it is superb, A working knowlege of the Elmsley Count ( video tutorial at base of this page) is required for the trick.


Amazing audience reaction as four jokers amazingly transform into four aces, right in front of the audience.Joker to aces card trick illustration.

You Will Need :
To make the gimmick you will need 2 matching jokers, glue, the 4 aces and some double sided tape, First take which ever ace you want and glue it back to back with one of the jokers so that you make a double sided card with the ace on one side and a joker on the other. Then place a small square of double sided tape (note that it has to be clear double sided tape) on the center of the other joker. The busy design hides it and that’s the gimmick made

How To Do The Trick :
Set up: start by having your three normal aces in dealing position in what ever hand that you feel comfortable with. Then place the double sided card on top “ACE side facing down”.When you have done this the joker of the double sided card will be face up!!! Then place the “sticky” joker on top of all that face up, That’s the set up complete.

Performance: Say to the spectator that you have four jokers, and continue to show them “this is where you do the elmsley count to make them believe that you have four jokers. When you have finished doing this count the sticky card should end up on top.

You now continue and lift of the top joker and say “this guy is the leader of the pack, whatever he does, the rest will do” and turn him over on top of the bundle and give it that magic shake “ (""when you give it a little shake you are really pressing the middle of the top card so that the tape sticks to the next card ”) Now fan them out and they will see that all the cards are now face down. Then say “ the real amazing thing about this is that I keep losing jokers when doing this trick and I have way to many aces " and turn them over one by one revealing all the aces to the amazement of your audience.

Elmsley Count Video Tutorial