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The Levitating Match Psychic Trick


Effect: You borrow an ordinary match from someone and place it in the palm of your hand.

Image of a book of matches.

Ask your spectator to concentrate on moving the match by psychic power.

The match then suddenly twitches, then jumps and finally, it raises up and stands on end!

Method: You will need two props for this. One is a small but powerful ceramic magnet and the other is a small steel rod that you conceal inside an ordinary paper match. Split the paper on a match from the bottom, insert the steel rod and glue the match back together again.

You then palm the gimmicked match in your hand, then pretend to tear it from your spectator's matchbook and place it in the palm of your hand. The magnet is concealed under your sleeve, near your elbow. Hold the magnet in place with an elastic bandage and wear clothing loose enough to conceal it.

With the match in the palm of your hand, ask your sucker to concentrate and slowly move your hand up towards your elbow,  palm up. As you get the match closer to the magnet, it will begin to jump or twitch.

You can control its action just by how close you allow the match to get. Hold it directly over the magnet and the match will wobble and suddenly stand straight up. People will walk away convinced they are psychic. Well done !!!




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