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Welcome: is designed as an aid to learning about the exciting world of magic. You will find lots of easy magic tricks as well as this levitating magician chameleon trick to learn at your own speed.

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The Chameleon Levitation Trick

Effect: Magician is seen to levitate inches off the floor. This levitation can be viewed from three sides.

Preparation: The end of a block of wood is sawn off to a size that is smaller than the magician's foot.

Cockroach and spider complimenting a levitation trick.

It should be small enough not to be seen when the magician is standing on it and also small enough to fit under his trouser, tucked in his sock (like where you used to hide things when you were young ).

The sides of the block are painted the same colours as the carpets or floors where the magician will be performing this illusion. Black, white and grey are the best colours.

Method: The block is stowed away in the magician's trouser leg until he is ready. He bends over and removes it from his sock under the pretence that he is tying his shoe. The block is placed on the floor (colour side towards your audience) and hidden beside his shoe. When he is ready and has everyone's attention: He hops up on the block on one foot.

Comments: You might think "flying" forever is a cool thing, but it isn't as with any levitation, the longer the magician is up - the longer everyone has to notice how the trick is done. To avoid this, the magician usually drops down fast and hard as if the levitation had taken a lot of effort and tells the audience that he is "mentally and physically drained" and cannot perform the levitation again at that time.

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