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Magic Card Diviner Color Predicter

Impossibly, the magician tells the color of every card with a magic diviner.

Effect: A pack of cards is thoroughly shuffled. The pack can even be given to the spectator to shuffle, if they desire. Once the pack has been thoroughly shuffled, the cards are then spread face down on the table. The magician is then able to point to any card and tell which color of suit it belongs to i.e red or black.

Method: Before beginning this trick, you first separate all the red suited cards from the black suited ones. Put the red and black suited cards into two separate blocks.
Take the red suited block of cards and while holding the pack, face up, bend the cards up so that they form a slight arch. Then put them down and pick up the black suited pack.

Holding the black suited pack face down, bend the cards up towards you forming a slight arch. The two separate blocks of cards can then be put back together. The pack is now ready to be shuffled. After shuffling, spread the pack face down on the table and you can secretly tell the red and black cards apart as they have slight bends in them. i.e the red cards curl down slightly and the black cards curl up slightly. This will not usually be noticed by your audience. You can then proceed to identify the color of each face down card.

Performance: Although this is a simple trick, it can be very entertaining and impressive with a little bit of patter and imagination from the magician. You can pretend to have a " magic divining rod " for instance and even continue to blah!, blah!, blah!, e.t.c. about the origin of the magic divining rod / card.

All you then need to do is hold a wand or even another playing card over the face down pack and make it vibrate slightly as it passes over your desired card.
And there you have it, with a little bit of patter, you have transformed an otherwise run of the mill card trick into an entertaining feat of magic. See the magic tips and hints page for other performance tips.

Bend the half packs of red andd black cards back and forward. When the two half packs are put back together, a small arch can be seen.
1) Bend red and black piles up and down. 2) Small arch can be seen when packs are brought back together

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