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Levitating Pencil Magic Trick

A quick tutorial to demonstrate how to do the popular levitating pencil trick. This is very easy do and is good for beginners who would like to learn an easy magic routine.

Effect : A pencil is placed on a table or flat surface. You, the magican, announce that you will try and concentrate all your psychic powers into your hand and hopefully command a pencil to levitate.

Clutching your wrist, with your other hand, the hand is held out flat and lowered over the pencil. When your hand is raised above the table, the pencil is seen to magically rise with it. The hand and pencil are then lowered back onto the table.


Method : Place a pencil onto a table. Grab your left wrist with your right hand and then hold the hand flat over the pencil.

Now extend your index finger on your grabbing hand and use it to hold the pencil in place.



Make sure that the spectator is viewing the trick from the top so that this move is unseen.

Lower the hand and pencil back onto the table and quietly remove your index finger from the pencil

This trick can also be done with a second pencil which is secretly slid under a wristwatch strap and used to secure the pencil in place. The spectator is again unaware of all these props as they should be viewing from top down perspective.

The photos below, show the secret moves in action


Magic levitating p[encil trick, shown from spectator's angle.

Spectator's view showing the pencil rising at the same time as the magician's hand.

Apply a little acting such as appearing to be deeply concentrating and focusing on making the pencil levitate to add to the effect.

Image showing the secret positioning of other hand to hold the pencil in place.

Here we can see what is really happening, You can see that the magician has extended their index finger of their grabbing hand to secure the pencil.>

When the hand is again lowered they would release the pencil and retract their finger back to their wrist.

Image showing the secret positioning of a pencil slid under your watch strap to hold the other pencil in place.
This shows the alternative method of securing the pencil with second pencil that has been secured under the magician's watch strap.


This is a great impromptu trick to perform as pencils are usually readily available at work, school or in an office. Hope you have fun performing this one. This is another good example of how a simple trick,performed well can be a lot of fun to do and look convincing to your audience.

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