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Goodtricks.net is designed as a valuable aid to start learning about the exciting world of card magic and misdirection. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn lots of easy card magic tricks and interesting street illusions at your own speed.

Masters of the art such as Lennart Green and Richard Turner are prime examples of the level of perfection that can be achieved with years of practice and dedication.

This site aims to show that you can still create a good entertaining performance without dedicating years of your time. A fair amount of practice and concentration is usually all that is required.

Enjoy the opportunities on this site and available tutorial information and watch your friends nearly go crazy as they try and figure out how the heck you created your fiendish magic tricks.

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Street Levitation Secrets Revealed

You have probably seen some impressive examples of street levitation in town centers and busy streets where you can see the amazing spectacle of a person, often in the form of a silver or stone statue, who appears to be levitating in mid air is attracting the attention of the crowd.


This can look really spectacular and there is a lot of attention to detail and imagination that has gone into the creation and decor of the performance by the entertainer.

This page will explain the basic concept and secrets of how these wonderful illusions are created.

You will see below here, a popular Youtube video showing the set up of a street entertainer getting his equipment and costume ready for the performance.

You can see from the picture below, that the equipment consists of three parts.

Image of a levitating street performer.

1 ) The seat that is used for sitting on.

2 ) The shaft - which, disguised as a staff or walking stick, extends up from the platform and then into the sleeve of the performer and then all the way down to the seat.

3 ) The platform base, which is covered by some kind of carpet or blanket ( as shown in the photo ), while the shaft and seat are covered by the performer's baggy costume.

Its amazing that a seemingly simple set up can produce such and astounding looking illusion. Respect has to be given to the artists for all their imagination in creating these elaborate costumes.

Also the concentration and dedication required to keep in position as a floating statue for long periods which is an admirable accomplishment on its own.

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