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Welcome: is designed as an aid to learning about the exciting world of magic. You will find lots of complimentary easy magic tricks for beginners to learn and master at your own speed.

From Houdini style escape tricks to thrilling grand stage spectacular shows by the likes of great stage magicians such as David Copperfield and right to the more intimate style of close up magic. This fascinating subject is a great source of entertainment to give.

Enjoy this cool site and have lots of fun with your complimentary magic tricks and pranks.

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Magnet Card Magic Trick

This is an amazing looking effect where you hold your hand over some playing cards. The cards then appear to be magnetized to your hand when you lift it into the air. Learn the amazing secret.


This is an easy to do but amazing looking effect where you hold your hand over some playing cards. This illusion requires an easy to make gimmick, which the photo instructions below will show you how.


The time invested is rewarded by the look of amazement on your spectator's faces as they appear to be watching the impossible, as some playing cards appear suspended in mid air.



Make your gimmick by cutting a flap in the center of a playing card as shown here.

First you need to make a special gimmicked card. Carefully cut a flap in the center of a playing card as shown in the photo.

Kids should get an adult to do this.


Glue a complete card of the same design underneath your pre cut card as shown here.

Next, you will need a complete card of the same design as the already prepared one.

This should be stuck with some paper glue or double sided sticky tape to the already prepared card.

You should now have two cards stuck together that look like one card.

You should now have the two cards stuck together that look like one card.

Make sure that the previously cut out flap is not stuck down.


Card is placed on table and secretly make sure flap is held between two fingers.

After presenting the card to your audience, the card is then placed on the table and covered with your hand.

Secretly push up the flap and hold it between two of your fingers.


You now slide some more cards under your hand.

You can now slide some more cards under your hand.

Make sure that you slide them between the gimmicked card and your fingers.

Hand is raised in the air and cards appear to be magnetized.

You now raise your hand into the air and the cards appear to be magnetically attracted to your hand,

What is really happening is that they are held in place by your fingers and the gimmicked card.

View from above showing cards stuck to hand. View from above where the audience see the cards appearing to be stuck to your hand.

This is a very good easy to do card trick which looks really cool to your audience. The gimmicked card is very portable and so is easy to carry around when you are asked to do an impromptu magic stunt.

There is a great deal of satisfaction achieved out of performing a card trick smoothly with a normal card deck using pure sleight of hand. However the use of a few clever gimmicks such as a marked card or thumb tip to name two popular examples can really enhance the amount of tricks that can be performed with an otherwise normal deck of cards or a coin.

Also the gimmicks can help to make the trick a lot easier to perform and even to have a much stronger and more convincing effect. This can make certain routines achievable to magicians of a more basic skill set.

Don't think that gimmicks are a miracle answer to becoming an accomplished magician with the minimum of practice. You will still need to put in plenty of practice as you do with normal equipment. The importance of putting in enough practice and waiting until your performance is smooth enough before performing it in front of an audience cannot be stressed enough. Whichever route you take in your magic career, don't forget to make it a fun experience.