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Multiple Card Production Tutorial

Learn how to produce multiple cards from out of the air

This is a more advanced tutorial than the single card production

One of the most impressive tricks in card magic is when the magician appears to pull a seemingly never ending number of playing cards out of the air.

The secret method of accomplishing this feat is hard enough with one card but requires even more concentration with many cards

It is better to master the single card backpalm technique to a good standard before attempting the sleight with a few cards.

As you get better at this sleight, you can start to gradually increase the number of cards that you start off with. A good number to begin with is no more than four or five.

In the video below, Fernando P explains the technique, very well. This is one of the better magic tutorial channels available on Youtube

Once you have mastered the card production sleight with some regular practice this should become one of the highlights of many magic performances. Impressive and worthwhile move to learn.



Easier Single Card Production Method