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One Of Magic's Oldest Tricks

Learn the secret of one of the oldest magic tricks known to man

This page will reveal the ancient secret of one of the oldest and most impressive magic tricks known to man. While originally performed with an ancient cloth or rag, the materials have been adapted to make use of some modern, easily found items.


This vintage magician performance was allegedly performed to entertain the pharaoh Khufu at a Royal Palace in ancient egypt .


Pay close attention to the associated story that accompanies the performance.


This is an excellent example of how some interesting narration can really enhance the entertainment value of a magic trick.

The video tutorial on this page is one of the best and most clearly explained examples of a well constructed trick with an accompanying story.

So there you have it. You have hopefully learned an easy to do magic trick and learned the importance of bringing a relatively normal feat to the next level with some entertaining tale to enhance it and add some character.


How about a mind boggling card illusion ?