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One Of The Best Card Tricks In World

Easy card trick where one move creates an amazing effect

Take this opportunity to learn another amazing impromptu card trick. This one can be set up at the drop of a hat, almost instantly. There is no set up and no gimmicks are required. Just a normal deck of cards and a little easy sleight of hand to create the illusion of making the impossible, possible.

So, tell me more !!


Effect: Your spectator is presented with a fanned out deck of cards.

They choose a card, memorize it and then place their card face down, on top of the deck.


You wave your hand over the deck and now it is discovered that on turning over the top card that the spectator's card has vanished and this can be verified by fanning through the top and bottom of the deck.

This close up trick is simple in concept but looks absolutely amazing. Everything is done cleanly right in front of the spectator and there does not appear to be any tom foolery or secret moves going on. The beauty of this routine is in its simplicity and reinforces the fact that magic tricks do not have to be complex or overly difficult to leave a great impression on people.

The best magic tutorial video below, shows the trick being performed and then a second video further down the page, follows with the explanation.


This reputation maker may not elevate you to the super star status overnight but it is a cool and easy stunt that people will remember you by.

You will probably kick yourself when you see actually how easy the secret is. You can start practicing right away but a polished performance will probably involve around an hour of repeating the special move to perform it convincingly on your way to becoming the world's greatest magician. Time in my opinion that will be very well spent




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